What You Can Expect With Our Red Dot Machining Process

One of the ways we stand out among the rest is we believe all red dots should have mounting bosses. The proper use of the mounting bosses ensures that the sight will always maintain zero. You lose a screw, you still maintain zero. Unlike those who do not use mounting bosses; lose a screw, lose maintaining zero or quite possibly your sight falls off all together. As you can see, mounting bosses serve a very important purpose.

All red dot optics are machined to the safest structural depths available. This is extremely important. Machine a slide too deep, you may lose the function of the safety disconnects inside the slide or risk removing them all together. Not a worry with our expert specialist. He's seen it all and knows what's tried and true. We also offer the option of removing factory dovetails and/or moving rear sights to different locations. As well as, refinishing options. Please inquire.